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Preview of Episode 6

This completes our current view, initiated from episode 4, of how central banks around the world have painted themselves into a corner as of late, as their executions of injecting trillions of dollars into the financial markets conflicts with their desire to avoid massive asset appreciation. Rather than take the blame for this predicament, the financial central planners have characteristically evolved into creating rhetoric and spin, rather than dealing up front with the long-term consequences.

Key Takeaways – Bank of Japan Balance Sheet 02:02; European Central Bank Balance Sheet 03:29; Total Major Central Banks 03:59; Tapering 05:27; Inflationary Influences 06:42; Impact of Coronavirus 09:52; Economic Scenario, February 2020 & September 2018 10:42; Current and Recent Correlations 13:57; U. S. Tapering Plans 15:53; June/July/Ã…ugust 2019 Recessionary Signals 17:27; Current Inflation 22:32; Inflation Projections 26:39